13-17 june 2022

Objective of this week

This week will provide an in-depth look at the fundamental principles and methods of data science. It is aimed at engineering students, PhD students, researchers and future business creators (please see also the program flyer).
Our main goal is to provide an overview of the methods and tools for data analysis (even big data) and Machine Learning. Our teaching will rely on both theoretical and practical courses.
They will also have a presentation on the job of data engineer and its importance in the value chain of a data project. These applications will be quite broad, from imaging to software engineering and their importance in data research. Business intelligence and security should also be addressed for data.


Designed for PhD students at Cadi Ayyad University and Ecole Centrale Casablanca, it is also accessible to M1 students in applied mathematics or computer science and to engineering students in second and third year at Centrale Casablanca.
Experienced engineers or researchers interested in this field are also welcome.


The spring school will take place at Ecole Centrale Casablanca, see here for the location


Below your spring school explained by Nathanaël Perraudin and Luis Salamanca in video.

The proposed practical courses in deep learning from the spring school explained by Clément Riu and Thomas Chabal

A short video describing the practical courses in machine learning proposed by Guillaume Desforges and Théo Viel

During our spring school, a great concern will be given to the reality in the field and to the crux of every project : the business!

The video designed by Redha Moulla, founder of AxIA, will give you an overview of his conference « AI in business ».

The bridge between business operations and IT: the data architecture which will be adressed by Benoit Franck, data architect at Saagie